FullSizeRender (1)MacCartney and I have had a rocky relationship as of this past semester. He was mean, loud, angry and slow to be of any help. Did I mention he wouldn’t multitask?


So I take MacCartney to the Apple Store for some professional help (yep, we’re talking about my computer). The guy says “you have two options: either this test I run will take 9 minutes and you’ll be good to go…OR it will be done in seconds and have a big red FAILED sign on your screen.”

It had a big red failed sign.

I performed hard drive surgery that night and updated MacCartney’s drive. The next day at the apple store, they said my computer and said I was good to go. While we were waiting for the operating system to download I tried to make small talk with the guy at the Genius Bar, “So, are you the only genius here tonight?”

He didn’t think it was as punny as I did.


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