The Happiness Project

Flores, the Peruvian Ukulele.

I recently finished the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book led you through a year in the life of Gretchen and her experiment about happiness in her life. She was content with where she was in life, but wanted to be reaping all the happiness benefits possible. (Sounds a lot like seeing beauty in the common things of life, eh?)

One thing I never thought about, but appreciated, was the idea that singing or humming in the morning can really lighten your mood. Music brings happiness, so why wouldn’t you incorporate that into your daily routine?

Now I’d be lying to say I’m much of a musician, but I have recently picked up the Ukulele. Sorry for the neighbors when I’m belting out Somewhere over the Rainbow (not too sorry though). It brings me happiness and I mean it is kind of fun to tell someone you can play one. Mine is named Flores because I bought her (yes, the ukulele) on a volunteer trip to Peru last summer. Flores means flowers in spanish. Flores was purchased in Miraflores (hence her name) and I was taught by a fellow volunteer. She’s pretty awesome.

I’m going to recommend you find a source of pure fun and happiness. Oh, and pick up this book while you’re out.


The Happiness Project | Gretchen Rubin

Check out her website


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