BRGR, the Veg-Friendly Burger Place

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To follow up with my Vegegludarian post from yesterday I’d like to rave about the VRGR I consumed at BRGR. Wondering what in the world a Vegegludarian is? Click here: I’ll fill you in.FullSizeRender

Marshall and I decided to go to lunch and having looked on their menu I saw that there was a veggie burger with gluten free bun available. Awesome, I can eat here.

While waiting to be seated I tried to convince Marshall that he was pronouncing BRGR wrong.

Me: Yeah, you should pronounce it BrrrGrrrr.

Him: I don’t think so.

Me: I think I’ll order the VrrrGrrr (VRGR)

Him: No, you’re wrong.

He paid for lunch, so I let him win.

Anyway, the food was awesome and just like the name leaves out unnecessary things/letters (BuRGeR), I was able to leave out MY unnecessary things with the VeggieBRGR/ gluten free bun (aka no cheese, meat or gluten). Vegegludarian cuisine at its finest.

As a designer I also appreciated the BRGR logo concept and the trendy/hipster/ layout inside. It’s fun to mix it up in a while.

 FullSizeRender_3   FullSizeRender_1   FullSizeRender_2

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.26.55 PM


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