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The University of Kansas is well known for their basketball. Frank Mason, Evan Manning and Wayne Selden are all names well known to Jayhawk fans. But what about the women’s basketball team? (Somewhere someone responds with, ‘What ABOUT the women?) Exactly. KU Women’s basketball games are also fun to watch and support, so don’t hate.

Working for KU Athletics/Rock Chalk Video has given me many opportunities to see the behind the scenes of sports. We run the video board for basketball, football and baseball. Yes, the giant one that shows replays, promotions and spotlights.

It looks like this


I have been busy with school and haven’t been around as much lately, but this job has been awesome. Originally, I was hired to make graphics and advertisements to go ON THAT GIANT VIDEO BOARD (exciting for sure). Thousands of people were seeing things made by me. I got lucky.The graphics were made before the games, so on game days I can run the Abekas replay machine. So if you ever saw anything playing in reverse during a basketball replay, there is a chance that was my fault (sorry).

Today I’m working the women’s basketball game against Baylor. I’m excited because I’ve only worked a few sporting events this school year. Here are reasons why women’s games are fun:

  1. It is less hectic and less crowded. Sometimes it is nice not to battle crowds.
  2. The women’s team has talent. Seniors like Asia Boyd and Natalie Knight keep the competition stakes high.
  3. The spirit squad are fun and great entertainment for kids and family (aka Rock Chalk Dancers, Big Jay and Baby Jay
  4. The halftime shows are creative and various. Sometimes people are picked to compete for free pizza, acrobats, or obstacle courses.
  5. It’s inexpensive and even free for students.

The winters in Kansas are cold and long. Spending some time in Allen Fieldhouse is a fun way to mix up your schedule…and you can watch the video board to see if you can spot my sweet graphic design. (I’ll make you a bingo board).

Here is a link to KUAthletics.com. Go to a game! It’s a blast.

Curious about what kind of graphics I create for Rock Chalk Video? Here are some examples or follow this link to my issuu page to see more from my Rock Chalk Video career.

And as always, check out my website for more design work/

hawk talk_bonnie  men basketball tickets homecoming logo 2013-01  15 track_field engleman 1000 pts  rock your colors

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.26.55 PM


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