COFFEE. The flat white

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Lattes, cappuccinos, cafe au lait, dark roast, etc.

These are all terms coffee lovers know and love. So when I started seeing the words ‘Flat White’ I was confused. What is this ‘flat white’ drink you can now order at Starbucks and many other coffee shops?

Ironically, my mom sent me a newsletter that had a story about the flat white. According to the article, it’s an Australian take on a latte or cappuccino.

Coffee 101

Now, if you aren’t an avid coffee drinker you might be saying, ‘What is the difference between a latte and cappuccino?’ The answer is the way the milk is steamed. Cappuccinos are mostly foam poured into pulled espresso shots. A latte is steamed milk that is less foam (more liquid) and poured into espresso shots. My advice: this is an educational experience, so go buy a latte right now.

The flat white is similar to these drinks, the difference only lies in the milk. The foam and milk are a velvety consistency. The velvety foam allows the espresso to be the dominate taste, so the flat white will have a stronger coffee taste than a latte. It was created in Australia in the 1970s.

Try something new this week. Go ask your local barista to make you a flat white. And if she/he doesn’t know what that is, at least you impressed them with your new coffee vocabulary!FlatWhite_2000

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