Food | Things to eat.

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Mmmmmm food. Everyone eats. It’s delicious, it’s necessary and you can even get creative with it. Can’t eat meat? Allergic to something? No Problem. I’ve got some great examples for you.

Eating healthy has many great benefits (as you well know). But have you thought of the indirect benefits?


  • Connect with others in your community- buy fresh food at the farmers market. Eat at places that cook fresh, vegetarian or even vegan options.
  • Better Focus- do better in school and work. Read about new things to cook online. Invite friends over for a creative meal.
  • Be eco-friendly- keep the earth God provided nice and clean
  • Vegegludarian- make up your own lifestyle! I did and it suits me well! And it’s a great conversation starter.

Here are some food examples I tried and loved. They are simple, dairy/meat/gluten free, and easy to mix and match. Anyone that likes good food will like this.


IMG_5848  IMG_5882

Blueberries and almond butter with bananas or rice crisps.


Tea (with honey & almond milk)

Gluten Free, almond milk, blueberry pancakes.



Easiest salsa ever: mix black beans, diced tomatoes, corn and black olives. Eat with a side of carrots, veggie chips and avocado.



Soy, hazelnut, cafe au lait. #yum


IMG_6003 IMG_6002

Black bean noodles (made completely from beans). Taste like thin spaghetti noodles and are healthy. Mix with mixed vegetables, tablespoon of olive oil, garlic salt, dash of red pepper and any other seasonings you love. You can’t pick a wrong one!

Bon Appetit!


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