Tea Time

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Today’s post is inspired by tea time (in British Accent) Yes, tea!

Well, my first job was working at Starbucks. I grew up drinking coffee, coffee, coffee and living by mottos such as:

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Don’t get me wrong, coffee is great. I’m not going to sit here and agree with others that say it is a bad habit…because let’s be real, there are much worse habits in the world.

So, Tea?

Recently, my appetite and tolerance for coffee is at an all time low. I can drink it if it is closer to a latte, but straight coffee has been too harsh. I’ve always tried to throw in some tea to cut back on my coffee intake, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve gotten fully acquainted with the wonders of tea. Tea is officially awesome for your health, as quoted in this Time article. It is less harsh on your body, great for your health and has less caffeine.

Not convinced? How about these fun facts (you read, I’ll sip on my tea).

b2d2c62375a0343d6fa7f466b459b73e  TEADUCATION (Tea-Education)

  • Dieting: Tea can help boost your endurance while exercising, so you can workout harder and longer. It also helps curb your appetite so you’re less tempted to go toward those gluten free cookies.
  • Sound Body: Varying teas can fill your body with antioxidants, helping fight off disease such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, high cholesterol and protects against weight gain.
  • Strength: Sure, milk is said to give you strong bones, but so can tea! And it’s better for your digestive system.
  • Antioxidants: One cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of apple juice.
  • Options: Loose leaf tea provides endless flavors and options! There are four main types of tea- white, green, oolong, and black. (Some things you drink we call tea are actually made from other plants such as bushes).

The most common complaint about tea is that it is too bitter or not flavorful enough. Chances are it is the quality of tea that is giving you that impression. Bagged black and green tea (most commonly seen at restaurants) are not very fresh, broken and low quality. Try steeping loose leaf tea or buying organic teas for the best flavors.

Perhaps this can be your #weeklywhim. Google a place near you that sells tea. Have a tea party! This week I found a lovely tea place called Mana. I was able to get a pot of tea while I studied and bought some loose leaf tea to try. Go on, try some. What’s the worst thing that could happen?


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