Why do books smell so…good?

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Ah, books.

Have you ever picked up a book and flipped through the pages just to smell the book? Among many of my book lover friends we’ve discussed the great feeling of cracking open a brand new book and smelling it’s fresh printed smell. (Does inhaling the knowledge of books make you smarter? I look into that and report back)

Many people have said the same thing about old books. So what’s the smell? it really all comes down to familiarity. It is something that is comforting and familiar to readers. The actual smell is a combination of the ink, paper and adhesives used to make the book. Even the paper, which is processed with different resistance chemicals and bleached with hydrogen peroxide, gradually changes smell over time as the book ages. Thus giving a new and old smell. The organic items used to create books provide a range of smells. Some describe this as a grassy, musty smell.

Did you know that the reason some of the first created books live the longest is because of the purity of it’s paper. Watch this video for more details.

There’s your fun fact for the day! (I was inspired by the book I finished last night). If you have a chance to check out Made to Match, it is wonderful. Mine even smelled good- it was a win win.

Book Smell Comic Strip tumblr_n62tsqO5pk1s3a0dgo1_500

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