Yoga for You

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Check out my book redesign and app about yoga for more basic yoga poses!

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Book designed by me based off  Yoga Anatomy.

Sun Salutation (scroll below to see)

This morning, knowing I was going to be up before the crack of dawn, I decided to go to Sunrise Yoga at the Rec. Do you ever plan to be ambitious and hit the Rec this early only to wake up and regret your earlier ambition? Yeah, me too. Bleary-eyed and hair looking like a nest, I decided to suck it up and was very glad I did. Ultimately, getting up early to stretch and release tension will make you feel more energetic than that extra hour of sleep.

Some of you are looking skeptical. Yoga is not for hippies or strange townies that want to feel calm and spread peace. No! Yoga has numerous health benefits for everyone. Yes, even you. Examples are:

  • increased flexibility and body toning
  • better digestion
  • protection from injury
  • better metabolism
  • lifts your mood and spirits (allows you to be calm in the moment)
  • lowers blood pressure
  • helps you focus
  • helps you maintain a good immune system

And so much more. Yoga is not harsh on your body and it allows you to connect your body to your thoughts. You don’t have to grown old, stiff and unhealthy. Yoga helps motivate you to a healthier lifestyle. Do note that your yoga practice will not be as beneficial to you if you do not try to quiet your mind from the busy day. Use yoga to stay rooted in the present moment or to focus on things such as gratitude, prayer, meditation or good intentions.

You are conditioning your mind and body. Practicing yoga means something different to everyone- you can modify the poses to do what is best for y-o-u.

Before you go, take a look at these words heard so often in yogic settings. Understanding is the first step to being able to create your own yoga practice.

I’ll leave you with this link and picture to start out your day. Go ahead! Do it in the middle of the floor and move through the basic sun salutation. It helps warm up your body, open your chest, gets your breath going and helps wake you up. Go here to read details on the poses.



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