The Celebration of Valentine’s Day | 6 days

Countdown: 6 DAYS TO GO

I spent this weekend creating my Valentine’s. I made some for friends (they’re Harry Potter themed- I know you wish you had thought of that first), my family and boyfriend. Really I just had a fun time watching Valentine’s themed Netflix while making crafts. Who will you be making cards for?

History: The Celebration of Valentine’s Day was widely celebrated by the 17th century, but had transition closer to the Valentine’s day we know today. By the 18th century, friends, family and lovers commonly gave one another hand written notes and little gifts of affection. The 1900s showed an influx of pre-made cards and sending them through the mail (because postage was less expensive).

Did you know that Esther A. Howland started creating and selling the first homemade valentine’s in the 1840s? Her creations were very crafty and handmade.


Over 1 billion Valentine’s Cards are sent through the mail each year? That’s madness.

If you’re going to be one of those 1 billion cards you have 6 days left to send one. Remember: everybody loves somebody. Send a nice note!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.26.55 PM


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