Making My Safe Haven

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You Time | My Safe Haven

I’m a busy woman (as many are). It seems like busy is the new norm. I’m pretty bad at thinking if I’m not 100% busy all day long that I’m slacking. I’m working on it.

IMG_6415One of my favorite parts of the day is when I finally close my laptop, close my bedroom door and just relax. I like my solitude. When it comes to decorating (and most anything) I’ve always been someone that liked color. I don’t like to stick with just one because there are so many pretty things out there. My bed is sky blue and papasan chair is green. They are a solid color so then I decorate with multi-colored patterned pillows. That way you can always mix, match and update.

Shelby’s Main Rule

One rule of Shelby’s safe haven: THE BED IS ALWAYS MADE. It takes 2 minutes to make your bed and it instantly makes your room feel more organized and cleaner. If my room is ever in a state of mess or clutter- it is still an organized mess.

Reflect Your Personality

IMG_6411I’m a big proponent of arts and travel. My feeling is that your room is something that should reflect the absolute you. It is YOUR space. On my walls you’ll find pictures of bicycles, the moon and maps. I also love to decorate with things I bought while traveling, like Jamaican masks. This is a space you spend most your time. It should be all about Y-O-U. IMG_6408

Don’t skimp on the comfort

Did you know that we spend around 2,372.5 hours annually of our time sleeping? That’s a lot of time. Imagine how much richer your life would be if you spent that time comfortable. That means comfy bedding if you ask me. I like to snuggle up in my blankets with a good book and I’m set for hours. There is nothing like being wrapped in soft, cushy, warm bedding.IMG_6413

I’m about to start looking for apartments and that is something I want to splurge on. I’ve recently come across Parachute Bedding and am hooked. I loved the simplicity and the social good they provide as well. Parachute paired with United Nations Foundations Nothing But Nets. For $10, an insecticide-treated bed net is sent by Nothing But Nets to protect from the bite of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. You can help protect kiddos in Africa.

So, you  can donate to this cause and also sleep comfortably at home. It seems like a win-win. It is our social responsibility to help others and I just love this campaign. (Plus it is my goal to travel to Africa one day).

Relaxed Productivity

IMG_6407As I mentioned before, I like productivity. When I’m hanging out in my room I have dedicated ‘Shelby’ time. I sit in my papasan chair to play my ukulele. I lay in my bed to read. I do yoga on the floor by my bed. It’s quality Shelby time.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t skimp when it comes to yourself. Splurge a little on some things for your room that make you happy. Whether that is art, a new chair, pillows or bedding….it will be worth it because YOU are worth it.

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