Be Artsy

Poster Frame PSD MockUp

Crafting is a great stress reliever. I truly think everyone is creative if you find what your creativity niche is. Growing up I always had a ‘craft table’ that kept scraps, crayons, paint and every artsy thing I could get my hands on. (To this day I have a craft table of my own).

I decided to channel this inner childhood love of arts and crafts for a lettering project this week. I decided to make an image incorporating  Art Snacks, an online community created by Kevin Honeycutt that provides Art Education resources for teachers, home schoolers,  K-12 schools that have had their art programs cut and many more. He has influenced people all over the world.

The awesome thing about Art Snacks, in my opinion, is that there is never ending learning. Creativity is limitless. Whether your creativity is music, drawing, painting, crafting, sketching or anything else, I urge you to share this skill with people around you. Be artsy!

(If this GIF isn’t moving, click on it to make it start)

Be Artsy

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.26.55 PM


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