NEPAL 2015


It has been a while. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I hope to share more of my experiences with you coming up.

Open World Cause, the non-profit a group of my friends and I are working to establish, has finally made its way to Nepal (Narayanpur, a 10+ hour drive from Kathmandu). We are staying at the home of our friend Govinda and his family. He is a principal of one of the schools we helped fund. We have partnered with him the past four years to provide resources for the students and their education.

He is a great man. In just over a week we have learned about the culture of Nepal, the habits of its people, about the food, dress, religion, traditions and culture. It’s been a trip. We will be here until July 1st.

It is true that traveling opens your mind to new ideas and ideals. Something as simple as the greeting ‘Namaste’ radiates the happiness of these people despite the hard work they put in for daily life.

I can’t wait to tell you about the religious festival and the 90 year old man we met. You’re in for a treat. 
Check us out at and Open World Cause on Facebook for more updates and pictures. 

Keep following me here for first hand experiences. I challenge you to read and learn about this amazing culture!


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