I took this picture yesterday at Dharapani temple near Ghorahi, in Nepal. 

I was very interested to learn about a theory of this symbol. (Note: I am not claiming to have full understanding or even mentioned the full history behind this word). But this was just an interesting idea I thought to share. 

Many people in the United States associate this symbol with yoga and peacefulness. Here, as I am in Nepal, it is a religious symbol encompassing the creation of the universe as we know it.

As I read more, I found it interesting that this symbol, as you start ‘Ohh’ (a sound of openness) ended with the closing of your lips as in ‘mmm’ marking the end of the creation. It is very similar to words in Islam and Christianity. Om, Ameen, and Amen, are all used to symbolize the full love of God and the wholeness of the Universe. Expressing a thankfulness. 

Just something to think about. I’m thanking God for all I’m learning!
Namaste and Amen. 


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