The gluten free and vegan survival guide to wedding season

Events can be hard for people with food allergies- especially things like birthdays, weddings and family get togethers. I feel your pain! Read this post for tips on how to be prepared for when it comes to eating during these events.

Want to see the actual post? Go to this link. I write for the Rawxies Life blog once a week!

Being Prepared for Wedding Season | Gluten Free and Vegan Guide

Being in my 20s many of my friends and acquaintances have been getting engaged…like seriously it’s as if they all planned to pop the question in the same month. I’m already scheduled to attend 7 weddings in the next 9 months- insane, I know. My philosophy on attending so many is that you go to these weddings, see what went well/bad, and take note so your own wedding can be 100 times more awesome. I’m nothing if not a good multi-tasker and planner.

But really, I’m one of those people that actually love attending weddings. I mean think about it: happiness, flowers, pretty dresses, dancing and free food. Especially the free food.

That was all fine and dandy until about 8 months ago I stopped eating meat and was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. What’s a girl to eat at these social events when the vegetarian option is generally gluten-y pasta? This is a real thing people. The last wedding I went to I was just telling someone how I don’t eat meat when they sat down a giant plate of pasta in front of me. She complimented how good it looks, but when I informed her gluten was a no-go she looked at me with the ’seriously, what DO you eat’ look. Yeah, that’s pretty normal. I proceeded to awkwardly push the plate away and offer it to other people, which probably didn’t help my cause.

“Hey Shelby, get to the point..” Ok, yeah sorry I digress. However, I’m here to inform you of a totally socially acceptable way to go to a wedding without starving. Here it is: BE PREPARED. Without fail you will find a filling snack and dessert stuffed in my purse for reception emergencies. This is why it is ok:

  1. People will be happy that you aren’t complaining about being hungry. Don’t make a fuss.
  2. It’s a great conversation starter. Why DO you have food with you? etc.
  3. You can enjoy your healthy treat (my go-to is a chocolate chip cookie dough Rawxies) and secretly judge everyone else for eating an unhealthy semi-dry cake.

cccd_173376df-1a4b-4f02-a46f-b6270396583a_largeMY INCONSPICUOUS GO-TO FOODS FOR WEDDINGS:

  • Trail mix: This is my number one filling snack for weddings. By mixing nuts and seeds with dried fruit you have a filling snack to get you through the evening. BONUS: Most weddings will serve you a salad to start the meal. Ask for extra salad and dump your trail mix on top. You now have a fabulously delicious salad topper.
  • Gluten Free crackers or bread: crackers will fill you up and make a great side option. Often at weddings you will have veggies as a side. By pairing it with something like crackers or bread your meal will feel more complete. Suggested: Blue Diamond Natural Nut Thins
  • Carrots and nutbutter: Why? Carrots are a very common food, easy to travel with and pretty normal compared to some of the foods you probably eat. Plop your carrots on your plate along with the other random sides you’ve deemed acceptable and dip them in a portable nut butter or hummus container. Suggested: Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.
  • Dessert (the best part, let’s be real): as I mentioned before, my go to is a Rawxies vegan cookie. They are cute, just sweet enough that I’m not jealous of the cake and small enough to fit in a clutch. Be sure to take something sweet- you don’t want to be the only one NOT eating dessert. Suggested: Rawxies Vegan Cookies (shameless plug)

Don’t feel guilty about eating the way your body wants you to eat or let lack of food ruin your night! You’ll be tearing up the dance floor and hitting on some cute groomsmen, so be sure you’ve consumed something other than wine (a wine only diet is not recommended, though it would be entertaining). You do you, my friends.

Happy wedding season!



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