My Workspace | Inspired by Color’re probably wondering why I decided to greet you with a quote about cereal. I’ll tell you:

1. I actually really love cereal….alot. I eat it all the time. I mix and match (one cereal is too boring). Did you know there are gluten free cheerios in the world now? Life changed.

2. The quote is adorable. Why be a plain jane when you can pop out like Fruit Loops? (Now you’re probably thinking I’m a fruit loop for taking you down this road, but eh that’s ok).

I wanted to write about my work as of late. I work in 3 places: 2 part time jobs in 2 different cities nearby and then I also work from home. A lot of people ask me if that gets stressful or confusing because I am moving around alllllll the time. And truthfully no! I’m the kind of person that likes to mix it up. It keeps my schedule from getting too mundane and I’m never bored because I’m always mixing up the type of work I’m doing.

In my design courses in college we started to recognize each other’s work without knowing who made it. You really start to have a style and let your inner creativity show through. My design style is true for my clothes, accessories, graphic design and even my decorating. What word would people use to describe my creations? COLOR.

(Now you know why I picked the cereal quote…I’m a color addict).

I don’t like flashy things, but I do love colorful things. My room and my work spaces all have pops of color, floral accents and owls (because owls). I’m a big Pinterest addict and I always love seeing clean cut decor with lots of white space and minimal design….but even though I love it I can’t bring myself to design this way! I like to surround myself with the colors that reflect my mood and projects. Maybe that’s a nerdy design thing, but it’s true!

logoI work at a vegan, gluten free, raw cookie company called Rawxies as their creative director. The things I create there are bold, sassy and bright. The decor in the office and at my desk really reflects that and it helps set a tone for my mood when I’m designing our latest social posts or marketing materials:
HilarysLogo_FINAL_BLACK  I also work at a common allergen free veggie burger company called Hilary’s. Hilary’s is very earthy, organic and playful. The doodles on the wall, the picture my little sister drew on my desk and the mural across the room help me keep things fun. I’m inspired by the things I’m surrounded by. hilarys_workspace
love lemon new-01-01Lastly, when I work at home I get to go full on Shelby mode. My favorite color is green (though I love all colors), I love flowers and I love being nerdy (notice my quotes, books and harry potter butter beer mug…I’m definitely not ashamed). When I’m home I can work on any left over projects from the week, do some freelance work (I’m currently loving designing wedding invitations) and get caught up on all things design.

My work space defines the type of work I can get done. After learning about WeWork and their work spaces I really started to think more about my own spaces and take pride in the places I work. It is important to feel comfortable and inspired by the things around you and I think that is something WeWork does well! If you are just starting out, a freelancer, a small business, a startup, etc, their shared office spaces could definitely be a great resource for you. 

Don’t know how to make a place your own? Pick a quote, a favorite picture or a piece of art and start by putting it on your desk. Don’t think too hard about what looks good together….just go for it. Let the things you love surround you- even at work- and you can smile every time you look at it. Have fun with it!

P.S. Want to know more about WeWork? Click on this link to see how their shared office spaces can assist you!
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.26.55 PM

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