listen to your body: eat accordingly

I feel like nowadays, thanks to Rawxies (the vegan snack company I work for), I can describe my life in food. Good food. Delicious food. Warm food. Raw food. Gluten free food. Vegetarian food. Colorful food. FOOD.

It’s amazing how much your body will tell you what you need. Whether that is protein, more sodium, less sugar or warm foods your body will give you indicators. Right now my body is craving salt. No seriously, my doctor told me to eat more of that stuff. Hence my new obsession with hot sauce…it goes on everything (am I right?)

My body is naturally cold so I crave warm foods. Recently I’ve been enjoying pairing rice with beans and chickpeas (like chana masala) and warm salad toppers such as turmeric rice. I would have never thought in a million years that nuking some rice + turmeric + peas and topping a salad tossed with veggies would be delicious (the hot and cold thing sounded weird to me), but it has been the best lunch option I’ve done yet. It satisfies my need for warm things (warm spices and literal temperature) and my love of fresh veggies.

PS I’ve also discovered the wonder of KC’s City Market. You can stock up on veggies, save them, cook them, freeze them and not blow your budget. The prices are phenomenal and it tastes dang good.

Check out some of the tasty things I’ve had so far and look forward to me nerding out on recipes this 2016.

Chana Masala (chick peas + white rice + Rawxies Curry Chipotle Crunch)
Blueberry chia seed smoothie
Salad: Romaine + Edamame hummus + spiraled cucumbers + fresh tomatoes + shredded carrots+ green olives + black beans (seasoned with cumin, garlic powder, seasoned salt).


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