My Workspace | Inspired by Color

You’re probably wondering why I decided to greet you with a quote about cereal. I’ll tell you: 1. I actually really love cereal….alot. I eat it all the time. I mix and match (one cereal is too boring). Did you know there are gluten free cheerios in the world now? Life changed. 2. The quote… Continue reading My Workspace | Inspired by Color

Blog Update

Hi! So it’s been a while since I’ve been on my own blog. Recently I’ve started two new jobs as a Graphic Designer and Creative director. I work for Hilary’s Eat Well, a wholesome and supportive company that manufactures veggie burgers and sells them whole sale. I work in the marketing department, make design stuff, and… Continue reading Blog Update

Oh, hello there.

This semester I have immensely enjoyed learning about lettering and how to hand draw quotes and words. It is very popular these days to see hand drawn designs on advertising, shirts, merchandise and more! Here is some of my hand lettering final. To view the rest/flip through the hand lettering book I created. Follow this link… Continue reading Oh, hello there.


National High Five Day or #NH5D is a real thing. What’s best? It’s a free way to spread happiness. I’m all about that. For hand lettering this week we were given the task of experimenting with watercolor. We were to use our watercolor designs to create a pattern that could be applied and repeated on wrapping… Continue reading #NH5D

Think Wrong

“In the creative process, designers are victims of their own synaptic connections; subconsciously we’re following predictable pathways to solve problems [whereas] what you would want at the beginning of a design challenge is as many possibilities as you could imagine. ‘Thinking wrong’ is really about breaking those biases and synaptic pathways to generate a lot… Continue reading Think Wrong