Fun Food Photos

The fun thing about working at a startup food company (Rawxies) is that I get to dabble with food photography. I’m in charge of our social media so I get to plan when and what we post (you should definitely check out our super cute instagram). Below are some pictures from work. Moose gets to… Continue reading Fun Food Photos

Home Sweet Home.

After being abroad for 30 days I’m excited to be back in the states, but sad to leave my new friends and experiences behind. I mean really, how do you sum up a trip (or any travel experiences) in just one message? The answer: you don’t. The best way to remember is to share stories and… Continue reading Home Sweet Home.

Praying for Rain

   On the 2nd Saturday of our visit (Saturdays are holy days for Nepal) we decided to experience a Hindu/religious gathering where Nepali’s gathered to pray for rain.  I was curious how we would be regarded as foreigners and people that do not identify with this religion. It was wonderful. We learned some of their… Continue reading Praying for Rain

Children and Education

An education is the best tool you can provide for a child’s future.  This child attends Tripur Kinder Academy (preschool). His family makes great sacrifices to promote his education and future.  I love that this community does not take something like schooling for granted. It is a privilege- something many of us forget.      For… Continue reading Children and Education

Nepali dress and culture 

The blog post was something I originally wrote for the organization I am in called Open World Cause. Check out this site for more blog posts and info! Get involved!  ———–//// NEPALI DRESS AND CULTURE The quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” encompasses many of our experiences in Nepal, and traveling in… Continue reading Nepali dress and culture