Fun Food Photos

The fun thing about working at a startup food company (Rawxies) is that I get to dabble with food photography. I’m in charge of our social media so I get to plan when and what we post (you should definitely check out our super cute instagram). Below are some pictures from work. Moose gets to… Continue reading Fun Food Photos

listen to your body: eat accordingly

I feel like nowadays, thanks to Rawxies (the vegan snack company I work for), I can describe my life in food. Good food. Delicious food. Warm food. Raw food. Gluten free food. Vegetarian food. Colorful food. FOOD. It’s amazing how much your body will tell you what you need. Whether that is protein, more sodium,… Continue reading listen to your body: eat accordingly

My Workspace | Inspired by Color

You’re probably wondering why I decided to greet you with a quote about cereal. I’ll tell you: 1. I actually really love cereal….alot. I eat it all the time. I mix and match (one cereal is too boring). Did you know there are gluten free cheerios in the world now? Life changed. 2. The quote… Continue reading My Workspace | Inspired by Color

The gluten free and vegan survival guide to wedding season

Events can be hard for people with food allergies- especially things like birthdays, weddings and family get togethers. I feel your pain! Read this post for tips on how to be prepared for when it comes to eating during these events. Want to see the actual post? Go to this link. I write for the Rawxies… Continue reading The gluten free and vegan survival guide to wedding season

Easy Tips for a Happy Life

Happiness! Everyone deserves it. Everyone should strive for it. Everyone should live it. 2 Weeks ago, for the Rawxies Life Blog, I wrote an article with easy tips on how to make happiness your way of life. It’s easy, you just have to make it a habit. Here is the article and to see it… Continue reading Easy Tips for a Happy Life

Blog Update

Hi! So it’s been a while since I’ve been on my own blog. Recently I’ve started two new jobs as a Graphic Designer and Creative director. I work for Hilary’s Eat Well, a wholesome and supportive company that manufactures veggie burgers and sells them whole sale. I work in the marketing department, make design stuff, and… Continue reading Blog Update


My social media class is currently engaging in a competition to see who can create a recipe using Rawxies bars. I was pretty pumped in general because (with my dietary issues) I can actually eat these! They are raw, vegan, gluten free and soy free. They are yummy little treats. So my ‘homework’ was to create a… Continue reading #MySundaeRawx