Fun Food Photos

The fun thing about working at a startup food company (Rawxies) is that I get to dabble with food photography. I’m in charge of our social media so I get to plan when and what we post (you should definitely check out our super cute instagram). Below are some pictures from work. Moose gets to… Continue reading Fun Food Photos

The gluten free and vegan survival guide to wedding season

Events can be hard for people with food allergies- especially things like birthdays, weddings and family get togethers. I feel your pain! Read this post for tips on how to be prepared for when it comes to eating during these events. Want to see the actual post? Go to this link. I write for the Rawxies… Continue reading The gluten free and vegan survival guide to wedding season


Easiest Lunch/Meal in the world. VEGAN | GLUTEN FREE | HIGH PROTEIN | NO DAIRY | DELICIOUS Don’t fall into the trap of buying unhealthy food at lunch or not packing something simply because it takes a few extra minutes. I look forward to eating my packed lunch and carry my lunchbox like a proud… Continue reading L U N C H

Blog Update

Hi! So it’s been a while since I’ve been on my own blog. Recently I’ve started two new jobs as a Graphic Designer and Creative director. I work for Hilary’s Eat Well, a wholesome and supportive company that manufactures veggie burgers and sells them whole sale. I work in the marketing department, make design stuff, and… Continue reading Blog Update

Food | Things to eat.

Mmmmmm food. Everyone eats. It’s delicious, it’s necessary and you can even get creative with it. Can’t eat meat? Allergic to something? No Problem. I’ve got some great examples for you. Eating healthy has many great benefits (as you well know). But have you thought of the indirect benefits? Examples: Connect with others in your… Continue reading Food | Things to eat.


For the past two weeks I’ve been a Vegegludarian. (Bless you?) Yes, that is a real Love Lemon word. I’m claiming it. Veg-Vegetarian Glu- Gluten free Darian- Dairy Free Vegegludarian. It totally makes sense. Results when I googled my new word: (It is now a thing, Google. Get with it.) Since visiting my allergy doctor I’ve… Continue reading Vegegludarian